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Business portraits, entertainment headshots, and event photography.
Des Moines, Iowa

I am a photographer living in Des Moines, Iowa. Having been involved with photography since high school where I had a high school newspaper sponsor with a passion for photojournalism and black and white work, I spent countless hours learning the art of processing and printing to bring my scenes to life. To this day the smell of stop bath will immediately take me back to those days in the darkroom. It was during those formative years that I quickly learned that having a critical eye while chasing the perfect light to tell the story through my lens would always be both my craving and my torment. I had caught the bug. My interest with aviation photography likely stems from myself and other family members serving in the U.S. Air Force. Some of my earliest memories are from airshows and sitting near an airport at night watching the planes come and go. It seems like aviation has always been in my blood.

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